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2 hour trial (for dogs)

We offer a free 2 hour trial to bring your dog in so they are familiar with the facility. We will do a slow intro into the pack!

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Please request an appointment online through your account or call our staff to set one up for you at 952-445-5262.


Dog Boarding

At most boarding facilities dogs spend the majority of their time in a kennel, with only a few short walks a day.  At Doggie Doo's your dogs will spend most of the day out with our staff and our daycare dogs.  We have large indoor and outdoor areas so your dogs can play and enjoy the sunshine.

We provide a cot in every kennel for your dog to sleep on and stainless-steel bowls for food and water. We ask that you do not bring any home dishes unless it is a slow feed bowl. We do not allow any glass or ceramic dishes for the safety of your pet.  We ask that you pre-portion their food into individual meals (Bags do not have to be labeled unless portions are different for feedings). All medications and/or supplements are separated from meals and labeled with name, dosage, and instructions on how to medicate. Please make sure any bedding you bring is machine washable in case it becomes soiled, we will wash and dry it immediately. Room waters are freshened each time the dogs are out, and water is available on the play floor at all times.

** Pick up / Drop off policy: All boarding clients on day of arrival or departure must arrive at 9:30 am or after. If picking up/ dropping off early, a $10 fee will be applied to your total bill per pet. **

​*Single Night- 24 hrs    $46 + tax

1-9 Nights                    $46 + tax
10-19 Nights                $43 + tax
20-29 Nights                $40.50 + tax
30+ Nights                   $38.50 + tax

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​Doggie Doos Spa & Retreat​

Cat & Critter Boarding

We have six cat condos to keep your felines happy and content all day.  Our staff also makes sure they have plenty of interaction, so they do not get lonely. They are sure to enjoy their stay! 

​*Single Night- 24 hrs    $27.50 + tax
1-9 Nights                    $27.50 + tax
10+ Nights                   $24.50 + tax

We require a certificate from your vet indicating your dog is up to date on the following vaccines:


DHLPP (Distemper)


Also, if your dog is over the age of 8 months they must be spayed or neutered