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2-HR Trial


We offer a 2-HR trial to bring your pet in and get an intro into our daycare routine. We will do a slow intro into the pack!

What to Expect

Join the Fun!


We do not require reservations for daycare at this time. Once your pet is in the system, drop them off for a fun day of play!

Why doggie daycare?

At Doggie Doo’s Spa & Retreat’s doggie daycare we can help you meet your dog's need for activity, attention, and supervision. We can provide a solution for dog owner’s that work away from home all day and don’t want to leave them at home alone.  Daycare is great for high-energy dogs, puppies, social dogs, playful dogs, and elderly dogs.

Doggie daycare is very similar to daycare for children.  You can drop off your dog for the day and they can socialize, play, nap, and snack while you work or spend your day away from home.  Since your dog has been playing all day instead of being greeted with a pent-up ball of energy, you will take home a relaxed, tired dog that is ready to settle in for the evening.


2 Hour Free Trial  (first time customers)
Half Day Daycare $20.00 plus tax
Full Day Daycare $30.00 plus tax


10 Full Days - $220 + Tax

5 Full Days - $121 + Tax

10 Half Days - $165 + Tax

5 Half Days - $88 + Tax

Our daycare packages do not expire. Dogs can share their package credits with their furry brothers or sisters. Full day packages cannot be used as 2 half day packages.

*Late pick up policy - 5 min grace period* 
7:05-7:20 $5
7:20-7:30 $10
7:30-7:40 $15
7:40 pet must Board ($44/night + Daycare fee)